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This Magical Dog Only Answers To Harry Potter Spells. 10 Points to Gryffindog!
2017 Man Booker Prize For Fiction Shortlist Announced
Harry Potter fan-goals hit a new high when this dog-person demonstrated how his dog responds to popular magic-spells. This beautiful, constant patronus that needs no spell to protect its master was trained in special ways to answer to its master’s commands, and Dumbledore couldn’t be more proud.


  • Alohomora: Unlocks doors
  • Expelliarmus: Disarms opponent
  • Accio: Summons object
  • Avada Kedavra: Kills opponent

We’re still finding it hard to believe that a Potter-loving muggle went to such extents to teach his dog such tricks. Well done, owner.


Do you think there are other spells that could be taught at Dogwarts? Drop in your suggestions below.

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