Wooden Book Lamp – Foldable, USB-Powered,


Wooden Book Lamp – Foldable, USB-Powered,

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Books brighten up our future, sure, but these stylish book-shaped lamps brighten up our present. Our evenings were never as beautiful!

It’s extremely simple to use – open up the cover to turn it on, and close it to switch it off. When not in use, you can simply stack it in a corner with all your other books! A perfect lamp for a modern living – it blends contemporary design with versatile functionality to add light in your life.

The cover is made of high-quality wood with an extremely flexible spine, and the inner pages comprise of ultra-lightweight material. Easily rechargeable by USB – once fully charged, the lamp works for over 6 hours. Small and portable, you can carry it anywhere and everywhere.

Dimensions (in cm): 15.5 * 12.5 * 2

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